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Using primary colours and shapes - the conversation continues

Updated: Apr 13

The beauty of primary colours and shapes lies in their fundamental simplicity and universality, serving as the building blocks of visual perception and artistic expression. Primary colours—red, yellow, and blue—possess an intrinsic vibrancy and purity, unobtainable by the mixture of other hues. These colours form the basis from which an entire spectrum can be created, symbolizing the origin of visual diversity and harmony. Similarly, basic shapes—circles, squares, and triangles—embody the principles of geometric perfection and balance. They are the foundational elements of design and structure, offering clarity and stability amid complexity. Together, primary colours and shapes articulate a universal visual language, capable of transcending cultural and temporal barriers, and evoking profound emotional and aesthetic responses. Their simplicity belies a deep significance, enabling artists and designers to explore infinite possibilities and communicate fundamental human truths.

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