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Bus cancellations and other wilderness experiences

I recently came across a Thesis about "The Wilderness" and which because of the title of this website, there is some interesting tension to explore between words like Flowers and Wilderness. What is the wilderness and how is it different from flowers which seem to, across the board, bring an image akin to a type of whimsy or calm (depending on how much flowers are taking part of anybody's environment and how they are incorporated whether by image or actual physical plant)

Clearly, when a winter storm covers the urban landscape with delicately and now uniquely shaped ice crystals, they will cause problems including bus cancellations. This is something that can invite us to want to head into the wilderness where possibly these types of situations cannot and do not occur. The wilderness can generally be described as a vast and untamed expanse of land, largely untouched by human civilization. Characterized by its rugged terrain, dense forests, and expansive open spaces, one may truly disconnect from the modern world and immerse themselves in the raw beauty and tranquility of nature. The wilderness offers a unique opportunity to explore and discover, with each step leading to new and uncharted territories; however, the wilderness can also be unforgiving and challenging, requiring individuals to be prepared and knowledgeable in outdoor survival skills. Is this any different than being stranded in a city that is less than equipped to deal with slippery roads that impedes smooth flow of traffic? Suddenly we are immersed into a wilderness that we sometimes long for as a means to escape. Therefore, photographing the wilderness does not require a person to physically relocate themselves into an actual desert. On one hand, many people are drawn to the wilderness for its sense of adventure and the chance to reconnect with the natural world. Is it possible, however, to reconnect in the sometimes quandary of urban life and the various wilderness experiences that occur without our leaving a space that was meant to unburden our lives and not make them more difficult?

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