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you will see what you want to see

Is it a heart or not? One thing about photography challenges is realizing that once you have a concept in mind you are actually more likely to see it rather than not. This takes some of the pressure off of trying to attain to something in the frame of a photo contest where time may place limits on getting somewhere else where you think you are better able to achieve a superior result. Psychology is helpful in understanding motivated perception as follows:

The term motivated perception refers to the process by which people's active desires, needs, and motivations shape their perceptual experiences (Balcetis & Dunning, 2006; Dunning & Balcetis, 2013; see also Bruner, 1957).

So the next time you may feel stressed - something that impedes creativity processes - realize that your thoughts and desires are actively involved in helping your perception see what may or may not be there. Helpful or not? You can be the judge.

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