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transitions in seasons

I too am drawing parallels between the transitions in seasons and how we photograph stages that reflect gaps from the former to the anticipated change in light and growth. Interesting to be writing about this in March when spring has newly arrived instead of thinking about this once winter compels a dramatic change in clothing, food and activities. How does this relate to photography? I think it provides an opportunity to see where we have come and where we are going to. Seasons that are fully arrived provide all the opportunities to capture its strength whereas trees, for example, that promise opening buds give us a moment to reflect on the past deadness of winter to the once again bursting of flower and leaf in nature to the colour and drama that is now unfolding. We can try again when from the colder and damper days where our creativity is forced to find new ways to express some feature of a branch, your capacity has likely also grown to decide how you might differently view a plant that last spring might have challenged your abilities.

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