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the beauty of the bleeding heart

I cannot think of a more aptly named flower than the bleeding heart. Gracefully formed into the shape of a heart, the Pacific bleeding heart if ingested is poisonous relying on Oregon State University as my source,beauty%3A%20the%20flowers%20are%20poisonous. Thus, its beauty becomes more synomous with danger than the unfortunate use of an over-sympathetic person. I would suggest, having said, that the beauty of a bleeding heart lies in its vulnerability and raw emotion. The delicate petals, shaped like teardrops, seem to capture the essence of love and pain intertwined. This flower serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of the human heart, capable of both immense love and deep sorrow. May grace be with all on this significant day experienced in the name of a flower that in whose creation have the ability to droop.

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