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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The first website that came up when I was thinking about how to write about independence and flowers connected "fresh cut flowers" and your "independent grocer". And that is fine with me. I always used to fantasize about the little stores along a well-kept street where colourful containers flaunted their bounty of spring's first signs of life. It was okay if it may be raining as well. Living on the west coast comes with many showers, but tulips are nearly the first floral to the appear from the sleeping earth, the simple single-petaled version presents enough hope to shed the last season's dearth. Soon french, parrot, lily, and fringed varieties will challenge a decorator's mind to any number of other imaginative arrangements but, for now, the vision of picking up a wrapped bunch of six single fragrant bursts from my independent grocer is enough to carry me home to its simple offering that has woken up the dirt.


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