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how to plan your photography in new places

I am getting ready to go to Montreal in the Fall and so I am planning for it as expeditiously as possible. I am already making multiple decisions from how I am already walking about my own city ranging anywhere between what I look at to how I decide which lens might the better focal length for a given subject. The hope is I haven't wasted my time, energies and money only to return with feeling as if I was not really prepared for the photos I am hoping to take. I think I have come across an idea, however, in order to cope with my expectations and difficult emotions where I feel I did not succeed in a trip that has been planned for months ahead. Make a list of what I expect to find and then compare it with what is really there. Now being surprised at what I have found (once I land at the geographical location), I can push my expectations aside and photograph the essence of a city I have not seen before.

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