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Day 4 - staying focused

Focus in photography can mean several things. It can mean staying in the same location, or it can mean adjusting your lens and switching from manual to automatic focus or it can imply finding a specific niche and sticking with it over a period of time.

Capturing the Changing Landscape

Every day, I take photographs in relatively the same place, focusing on the subtle changes in the landscape over time. It's about freezing a moment in time and immortalizing the beauty of nature as it evolves before our eyes. From the vibrant colors of spring flowers to the golden hues of a sunset, each photograph tells a unique story and captures the essence of a fleeting moment. The changing landscape offers endless opportunities for photographers to explore new perspectives, experiment with different techniques, and unleash their creative vision.

Camera Settings

Manual and automatic camera focus are two different ways to adjust the sharpness of an image. In manual focus, the photographer has to turn a ring on the lens to make the subject clear. It requires attention and practice to get the perfect focus and you can more readily understand what that means by using a creative lens where you are in full control of very dramatic outcomes. On the other hand, automatic focus is a feature in many modern cameras that uses sensors to detect the subject and automatically adjust the focus. This makes it easier for beginners to take sharp photos without much effort even though I have found, making sure you have adjusted your diopter is also a good idea. Both methods have their own advantages and can be used based on the photographer's preference and the situation. I am starting to appreciate manual focus simply because of the creative opportunities it has provided.

Finding a Niche

Capturing your niche means exploring your most captivating talents with the lens of your camera. It's about discovering that mesmerizing moment in time that sets your photos apart from all others. When you find your photographic niche, you feel not only a sense of artistic purpose but some sense of staying present with a subject until you have explored all of the many different angles of a subject's shape, beauty, or other striking features. From portraits to landscapes or even abstract florals, by exploring different subjects, you can uncover your niche and unlock your full creative potential. Embracing your niche can provide a method to achieving mastery.

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