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Day 3 - Year in Review & Happy New Year!!

it's time once again to conclude the past twelve months, 365 days, or 525600 minutes of life that has revolved around the sun and along with that point in time, a review of my life as an photographer so far:

What did like? I loved walking around with my 24-105 mm lens. I'd wander the streets and parks, open to wherever the day took me. Each turn brought new compositions and stories waiting to be told through my lens. The camera gave me an excuse to explore, to see the world around me in a fresh way. To discover beauty in the everyday. The human moments that connect us all. Photography's journey means my lens was also my traveling companion.

What didn't I like? Changing lenses. You know lenses serve different functions but the time and effort it takes to switch them out especially when you realize it's probably important can definitely be frustrating and possibly lead to missed shots. Making sure you are carrying around clean equipment which is always subjected to dirt and debris means also having an appropriate carrying bag so you can walk around knowing you might have a way to deal with less cleaning along the way.

What will I do better? Take more time and focus more on less subject matter, but there are also several key areas I plan to focus on. Firstly, I will continue to master aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. This will allow me to have better control over the exposure and depth of field in my photos. Additionally, I will make an effort to learn about composition techniques and apply them to create more visually appealing images. Furthermore, I can gain fresh perspectives and continuously refine my craft by checking out other photography styles. Lastly, I will push myself to experiment with different genres of photography, stepping out of my comfort zone to discover new creative avenues. This will help me develop a unique style and expand my artistic horizons. Overall, by dedicating time and effort to these areas, I plan to take my photography to a brand new level and looking forward to sharing more over the coming days!

Happy New Year. Leave your comments. Post ideas. If you are visiting the website, are you also a photographer pursuing new goals?

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