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Day 1 - what's in the routine? maybe your one unique life

"'Tis but the work of a moment" - Love Actually, film

The quote refers to the gift wrapping scene and all of the frivolous and extraneous items that the retailer offers to present a piece of jewelry as a gift for a customer. The seemingly ordinary drawer filled with tiny, tightly pink wrapped candies and almost brittle stems of lavender became together a place where magic truly resided in a cellophane bag. Like a delicate dance, our lives also unfold in a symphony of repetition and familiarity. Each day, we follow the rhythm of our routines, unaware of the enchantment that lies within.

The way the morning sun filters through the curtains, casting a warm glow upon the room, or the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee that embraces us like an old friend. The habits of routine are not so routine after all.  Routine paves the path that in the sequence of our day, encourage moments of observation where we are able to find some solace and joy.

Photographing those moments now attest to our unique moment in time, a stage of life, or if you lived in a certain place or town, a location that cannot exist somewhere else. You are appreciating the oft' overlooked and standard patterns that have supported waking up in the morning to enjoying a stimulating conversation or to a hopeful chef's ability to pick the right piece of fruit amongst the orderly arrangement of other colourful spheres displayed in a restaurant's window.

Beauty is found in the routine and the presence of being able to quiet the distractions for but an instant. Embracing the familiar allows us to find comfort and a sense of stability in a fast-paced world to cultivate a sense of gratitude and happiness. Ultimately, it is through this appreciation for the ordinary that we can discover the extraordinary beauty that exists within our everyday lives.

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