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Cold weather - no problem

While it is not unreasonably cold on the southern coast of British Columbia, nevertheless, some tips for staying warm while photographing in the cold include layers and boots with the ability to travel and remain outdoors for awhile.

Layers start with the usual t-shirt that fits next to your skin - I usual opt for an athletic store brand because of obvious weather resistant features; then put on a long-sleeved demin shirt over that - sturdy and rugged, they seem to go everywhere; and then a wool cardigan or a turtleneck - the bonus is that it covers your neck - leggings and jeans are perfect for insulating your legs against the colder temperatures but make it easy to transition into a warmer location if you need to start shedding a layer. Make sure you find a pair of boots that can handle freezing rain and slippery slush - I'm not sure which is worse, but the ability to stay standing without slipping is obviously important when carrying around expensive gear and cameras that you have slung over your shoulder because you want to be ready for the very next pic. Of course, find a good pair of socks that fit well with your boots and again, insulate against wet, cold, and slush. Dressing well is an important aspect to continuing to enjoy and capture significant photos when the weather signals staying indoors is probably a better idea. But there is nothing more satisfying than getting the shot that may not have been so enjoyable before because you couldn't stay warm.

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